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I’m Javi, a professional photographer based out of Johnson City, Tn.

While currently still a senior in high school, I constantly spend time behind the camera with the free time that I have. I, am not only passionate about photography as a hobby, but as a career too, as I work with local businesses also. Through a warm, and vibrant look to my photos. I, illustrate the life of adventure, creativity, and a young lifestyle.

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Javiously Photography, is more than just a business. It represents a man, that shows a lot of value and purpose in his creativity. He really cares for his clients, because, they are more than just a client, but merely a really close friend. And, I highly recommend him.

Trey Garland

Singer/Songwriter, Trey G. Entertainment

Javiously Photography, really catered to my needs. Regardless, of him being my brother, he gave me exactly what i wanted creatively. And, he showed his care towards just everything. He is definitely extraordinary, and he makes what he does look easy. I definitely refer him to anyone.

Zaire Gary

Future Entrepreneur

Javiously Photography, really was AMAZING…. and he displayed a level of care, and he got the photos on time, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Anitra Gary

Event Planner, To be Announced Events


the old javi.

I'm sorry, is usually what I said ... When, I played around with your feelings like an old toy or when I walked over you, like a worn out rug & how I slam your feelings in one ear and out the other never listening to a word you said, because, right then I didn't...

Zilipah + Luis Wedding Video

Hello, folks! I, apologize for the delay in the completion of the #cruzcontrol wedding video! But, it is now finally complete! So, down-below, please take the time to watch, and comment also! Thank you , Javiously Photography &...

On the shore

I feel different, well, actually I am different. Some, would say I look different. But, aye, finally after so long, I am finally myself. I feel closer to God, than ever before. I just needed time to clear my mind, because, I was caught in the same wave, as everyone...


Johnson City , Tennessee

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